This is a quiet corner of the internet, far from algorithms and targeted ads where I can share works in progress with a private community.

You may know my music, or the Impressions of an Expat blog, my films, my photographs, or maybe the Songbird podcast. The thing is, I have a mountain of secret content that only a handful of trusted friends see, through a dizzying collection of private links. They are song demos, and chapters from half-written books, photobook mockups, films that are still being edited, concept tests, spoken word pieces. These projects take forever and a day to finish and it is high time I opened up this process to smart, curious people - and I only want to charge $1 a month for this.

I’ll also be offering you significant discounts to these projects as they get released.

Chances are, you already know me. You know I am a generous person. If you were to set up a community like this one, I would probably be your first subscriber. If you think of that moment in the movie when a lawyer friend says “give me a dollar” and the person does. “Ok, I represent you now.” That’s what is going on here.

Let’s start something together.


If you don't know my work, I have a few samples to share.

WHALE is a drama that started out as an episodic project, but after a life-changing screening at SeriesFest it became clear that this was a feature. It stars my daughter Eve, and has been shot over the last 6 years with no crew beyond the occasional sound person and a coordinator. I wrote/directed/shot/produced/edited this as well as taking care of the visfx and the music. We still need to shoot the last 30 minutes of this.

HEAVEN GET BEHIND ME is my debut album, recorded under the band name Martin Ruby. Recorded in our Moscow living room on a collection of 100+ year old instruments, it somehow got me signed to a great little label in Detriot called WhistlePig Records.

"Gifted with a gutter-soaked croon, recalling the moonlight gravel-grinding of Nick Cave and the macabre outré of Tom Waits, Martin uses his hefty growl as the bedrock of his songs, letting the beauty and fragility of his acoustic-based arrangements lift the listener’s head from the streets to the stars as he wrestles with mortality, penance, grace, and forgiveness." - Vents Magazine

Here is the single, Kodachrome Shangri-La.

And one of the music videos we cooked up.

Last, a few of the photographs

that I took while travelling to various film festivals in 2019. My trusty Leica M4-P and some Kodak Ektar kept me sane while I shmoozed and tapdanced, got drunk and randomly Q&A'd in Rome, Valencia, Oaxaca, Boulder, New York. This has all leading to a photobook, called A Cup of Water.

Thanks for being curious.