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What is Bittersweet People?

by Marco North

the rose

Down by the river, a rose sits on the pavement. Normally, I would pocket it to stand in a water glass when I got home. A flurry of people in crisp white shirts are decorating the glassed-in deck of a boat. There are boxes of flowers on the tables, and this one must have gotten away.
by Marco North

Pick-up sticks (the crossing)

There are hundreds of worms on the sidewalk, strewn across the puddles like someone threw them up in the air and let them fall like pick-up sticks. They are inching away from fresh cut grass and water-logged earth towards the street where trucks and buses churn past.
by Marco North

Ten cent man (new music preview)

I've been working on some instrumental music for the past month or two, revisiting tracks I recorded as an underscore for the Songbird podcast. I don't know about you, but ambient music holds a special place in my life.
Music 1 min read
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