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What is Bittersweet People?

by Marco North

the glorious page

Living under an endless quarantine with no change in sight, the days fall into a strange rhythm. Some are endless. Some never happen. I fill them as best as I can, celebrating the tiniest victories and nursing the wounds, those inside callouses, those hours spent behind windows.
by Marco North

the belonging gun

There were guns in our house. On a farm you need to slaughter animals, or hunt for them to put food on the table. I do not remember any target practice with old tin cans propped on fenceposts, no shooting for sheer exhilaration.
by Marco North

the eggs

We convince ourselves we can do without. There are luxuries and there are necessities. A great stretch of uncharted land lives between them. There are inconveniences, little stones hanging from our necks and tiny itches that can never truly be scratched.
by Marco North

Hey Lazarus

For some unknown reason I am in a department store, trying on a hat that makes me look like I have dreadlocks. The saleswoman goes into the back to get me one. Outside, I peek inside the bag and understand she gave me the wrong color. Before I can go inside, he walks up to me.
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