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What is Bittersweet People?

by Marco North

Don't look back

How to manage that delicious urge - to crack open lopsided boxes and pick through mementos, running our fingers along the creases of old photos, as loose coins and some needle and thread skitter around the bottom like mice?
by Marco North

She's gone

Every time a phone rings, I believe it will bring bad news. I do not pick up, as the sound jangles around empty rooms until it stops as abruptly as it began. It happened again last week.
by Marco North


I am not interested in keeping secrets, but sometimes there is no choice. How bizarre, to have to keep a stretch of life under wraps, even if the news is good? It is a mysterious glass that sits on today’s unfamiliar table, saying “drink me, but tell no one”.
by Marco North

Can we ever go home?

“You can never go home.” It sounds so pithy and wise. If you argue, you’re in denial of the blandest truth. Time marches on, and we can only go forward. Look back over your shoulder for too long, and you risk walking right into a wall.
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